Senior Solidity Engineer


Senior Solidity Engineer


  • MUST be self directed and have initiative, given basic criteria for a task. We are flexible with execution and design.
  • Strong experience writing and testing Solidity contracts on EVM-compatible chains
  • Foundry preferred, but Hardhat is acceptable
  • Experience / comfort with documentation, flowcharts, etc for complex smart contract systems
  • Expert knowledge of git
  • Willing to work Pacific Time give or take a few hours

Nice to Have

  • (Optional) Decent enough React and Web3/Ethers/Viem experience where you can create a basic page on our site with existing reusable components for interacting with your contracts.
  • (Optional) NestJS API experience where you can augment our existing backend with useful features for your contracts (e.g. collection of stats)


  • Fully remote position, live and work from anywhere in the world
  • Strong independence and freedom to build and lead your part of the protocol
  • Competitive salary with career growth to executive roles possible
  • Generous FXS token allocations and other tokens/bonuses/perks

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