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Supabase is an open source and fully remote company building developer tools for databases.

Supabase’s GTM teams are growing in size and complexity in order to support ambitious growth in the coming months and years. We’re looking for a Revenue Operations Lead to manage our RevOps processes. You’ll be working cross-functionally with customer success, sales, business operations, finance, billing, product, marketing teams, and other stakeholders to share insights, centralize information, and help operationalize processes.

What you will be doing

  • Take responsibility for our marketing, sales, support, and success systems. Enable teams that rely on these systems to spend as much time focussing on their core responsibilities by removing friction in their workflow.
  • Help teams ensure they have “a single pane of glass” with quick access to the data that they need to operate effectively.
  • Oversee integrations with other systems to enrich the data we have to give insight to teams operating across the customer lifecycle.
  • Identify opportunities to automate and streamline operational workflows.
  • Develop, improve, and document marketing, support, success & sales processes and programs. Ensure it’s easier for new team members to onboard and existing team members stay current with processes.
  • Lead, manage, and orchestrate projects that relate to systems impacting the customer lifecycle.
  • Listen to the go-to-market team leaders to identify friction points
  • Measure current operational success and finding ways to improve it
  • Streamline A/R collection to tighten the revenue collection process
  • Strategize to identify opportunities in the revenue cycle.
  • Coordinate go-to-market teams to optimize user engagements and maximize revenue growth.
  • Own the tech stack, facilitating seamless utilization

Who You Are:

  • A generalist with strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Process-driven, an operations ninja.
  • 4+ years of experience in roles supporting revenue teams.
  • 4+ years of managing CRM systems and workflows.
  • Demonstrable evidence of implementing and administrating tools and processes go-to-market teams rely on to optimize their performance
  • Experience in cross-functional collaboration.
  • Willing to roll up your sleeves and get work done, while also thinking strategically about the long-term goals and vision of our RevOps function.
  • Experienced in defining, implementing, monitoring, and refining go-to-market KPIs across teams.
  • Familiar with product-led growth organizations and direct sales teams.
  • Knowledge of developer tooling is advantageous.
  • Proficiency in writing SQL is a plus.

We offer:

  • 100% remote work from anywhere in the world. No location-based adjustment to your salary.
  • Autonomous work. We work collaboratively on projects, but you set your own pace.
  • Health, Vision and Dental benefits. Supabase covers 100% of the cost for employees and 80% for dependants.
  • Generous Tech Allowance for any office setup you need.
  • Annual Education Allowance.
  • Annually run off-sites.

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