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This is 25-50% hands on, 50-75% people management

Help customers unlock their potential and raise the standards when it comes to productivity. Come join a team where you can focus on understanding our customer’s goals, offering out-of-the-box solutions, and be surrounded by team members who are just as driven as you are!

What you’ll do:
Lead a diverse team focused on providing deployment and workflow orchestration platform for all of engineering
Continuously improve team health & safety by creating a safe, transparent and inclusive environment; ensuring everyone’s voice is heard while driving clear accountability.
Actively run day-to-day operations that include constant prioritization, communication with stakeholders, creating a shared understanding on the “what” and “why” so the team can effectively deliver on the “how”
Build partnerships with various teams (our customers) by understanding their use-cases and creating a platform strategy that caters to multiple customers (80/20 rule); champion key efforts across teams
Own and operate mission critical platforms at ClickUp serving all engineers. Own overall SDLC at ClickUp and continue to improve engineering productivity.

What we’re looking for:
Execution and delivery-oriented; someone who can drive effective prioritization working alongside infrastructure product management organization
Motivate without authority and get the best out of directs, peers, and management (good interpersonal skills are critical)
Comfortable with ambiguity, context switching between different types of work (administrative, people, project, operations, etc)
Can assume any role (ex, project manager, facilitator) to fill a gap (e.g. enjoys collaborating on design documents, reviewing code, managing team processes as and when required whilst delegating and coaching individuals to realize their potential)
Able to distinguish and articulate your individual impact vs team; take pride in your team’s deliverables, believing that their success is your success

Tech Stack:

React, Angular 14, Node, Express, Nest, AWS, Github, Github Actions, Harness, Codecov, Datadog, PagerDuty, CDK, Terraform, EC2, RDS, ECS, Elastic Search, Postgres, Redis, DynamoDB, Kafka, Cucumber, Jest, Cypress, Jmeter, ClickUp, 8 AWS Regions Around the World


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