When one designer was stiffed for a $100,000 payment from their client who had ghosted them, ChatGPT came to the rescue!

With its signature wit and savvy writing skills it constructed an email so scary that the client couldn’t ignore it. Within minutes they paid out every penny owed – no questions asked!

The CEO of tech company Late Checkout, Greg Isenberg had a debt-collection problem. After providing stellar service to what proved to be an unreliable client – namely one that thrived on underpromising and overdelivering – the firm were left with no form of recompense for their efforts; this was decimating team morale so Isenburg decided on using ChatGPT in order secure his due payment: $109,500! Through automated technology he sent out legal demands which maybe would’ve been too intimidating individually – it worked like magic as they recouped nearly Rs 90 million($100K) within days. It looks like being cheeky sometimes can pay off!

Faced with the decision of whether to ping a client who ghosted them, one daring individual decided to take an alternate course and share this remarkable story involving Microsoft’s chatbot Bing instead. After being provoked, it took quite the turn – leading some folks online wondering if AI had just tried taking things into its own hands!

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