The Best Thing About Being a Successful Freelancer

After a decade of slaving away as a freelancer, I’m proud to say that one benefit has come out on top. And it’s not something most employers offer – so freelancing really is the way to go! The freedom and flexibility work around my family life, like setting my own hours or working from home (which some companies might provide) have been invaluable; but there’s still nothing quite like having full control over your career destiny … which no other job could ever guarantee.

This benefit is truly remarkable and sure to leave everyone with a big smile on their face.

Freelancing is great, because you don’t have to do anything against your wishes. It’s like having the power of ‘No’ in any situation! You can pick and choose what tasks excite you without worrying about annoying obligations pressing down on you. Get up each day knowing that everything before you doesn’t require a huge sacrifice – just creativity and dedication.

As a freelancer, I’m pretty much the master of my own destiny. If an assignment doesn’t float my boat, then there’s no need to panic – I just sail on and find another! Throughout all these years being in this role, it’s been wonderful knowing that if ever faced with something unappealing, simply clicking “decline” is always an option — because who wants to work on boring projects anyway?

Could all freelancers find themselves in a position to reap the rewards, or is this exclusively for only some?

Flexibility is one of the perks that comes with being a freelancer — you get to choose which tasks take your fancy! Of course, too much choice can be overwhelming. As you experience more success in business, though, there’ll come a time when it’s hard not to say ‘yes’ to every opportunity that beckons – leaving decisions about what work should stay and go firmly up to you.

If you like the idea of taking charge of your career but hesitate because it means doing work you don’t really want to do, fear not! Freelancing still allows flexibility in terms of what tasks are taken on and there’s nothing wrong with politely declining (with an explanation!) if something doesn’t fit into your wheelhouse. That way, when it comes time for working hours each day? You can get down to business without a second thought – after all, writing about topics that interest YOU is much more exciting than trudging through projects just outta courtesy!

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