As a freelancer, you can be your own boss – but sometimes it seems like there are too many bosses! Dealing with difficult clients is the biggest challenge of being a creative entrepreneur; from those who never seem to know what they want, to those that think kids clothes design and crudely-edited logos will make everyone happy. Yikes…it’s enough to send any brilliant creator running back into their day job.

Sure, we all know a certain level of pain can come with any client. But Corey Brickley shared an interesting graph that suggests how much your clients pay is inversely proportional to the amount you’ll be suffering! So it might be worth chasing down those higher-paying gigs if only for the peace and quiet.

It seems that when it comes to clients, you take the good with the bad (and everything in between). But as far as difficulty goes, those who possess modest means tend to fall somewhere near manageable levels. Meanwhile, watch out for folks on polar ends of budgeting – they could turn into a real headache!

This data-driven masterpiece has created a ripple of delight amongst the artistic community!

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