In an industry where coming up with innovative and engaging features a day after launch is essential, keeping up with social media giants like Facebook and Twitter has proved to be an impossible feat with the ubiquitous Clubhouse app. Although a handful of tech companies have tried to replicate its success, they are slowly discovering that the live audio chat concept may not be as sustainable as expected. The latest casualty of the Clubhouse craze is Reddit Talk, the social news aggregator’s voice-chat feature, which will be shut down on March 21st.

Reddit Talk was launched less than two years ago, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as a way to provide individuals with a place to discuss or voice their opinions while being confined indoors. Like many other Clubhouse clones, Reddit Talk had a rocky start, with Reddit limiting the feature to moderators in various communities before providing it to a few selected beta testers. Unfortunately, the feature failed to leave a significant impression on the platform’s users, leading to its eventual shutdown.

The Future of Clubhouse Clones

With the majority of tech companies throwing their hats in the ring in creating Clubhouse-style features, the big question is what happens to these clones once the hype dies down? As it stands, Clubhouse has witnessed a massive drop in daily active users despite recording its highest user base in February 2021. Rather than chasing previously successful trends, tech companies must invest in creating innovative features that meet the requirements of their target audience. The future of live audio chat features may be uncertain, but as with the social media trend cycle, the next big thing is always around the corner.

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