Don’t let anyone hold you back! If a client, colleague or family member has ever made you feel insignificant, forget feeling like an underdog – it’s time to become invaluable. These simple steps in your freelance business and beyond will help give the power of confidence for success over any situation.

Ever feel like your career could use an upgrade? Don’t stress, Vanessa Van Edwards is here to save the day! With her bestselling book Captivate (translated into 17 languages!) and hit TEDx Talk, she’s ready to teach you the secrets of charming communication. Unsatisfied with one video? 50 million people can’t be wrong; dig in deeper on for more tips – it’ll make a world of difference!

If you’ve ever believed that people don’t take your ideas seriously, or brushed off compliments from friends like it was no big deal – Van Edwards has a shock for you. Believe it or not, underestimating yourself is more common than we want to admit! Don’t let this habit stand in the way of achieving success. With her 11-step guide and some golden rules on how to become indispensable under your belt – get ready to use those vibes where they matter most: with others who underestimate you. It’s time turn self doubt into an unbeatable advantage!

Van Edwards helps you understand:

What is a success file?

Your success file is your secret weapon! It’s a treasure trove of all the amazing things you’ve achieved, from kind emails and letters to recommendations and endorsements. When you take time to review it, let yourself embrace the power of knowing just how incredible you are – don’t underestimate what YOU can do!

Get ready to show your freelance work profile with pride! Just make sure you’ve got all the digital goodies like endorsements and project examples readily available. To really wow clients, why not spruce up your website or social media page (where most of those prospective customers hang out) by adding a video about what amazing services you offer? You’ll be an online star in no time.

Check out the full video below:

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