As a freelancer, I’ve faced my fair share of writing challenges. From using too many words to making big claims without providing helpful advice, I’ve been there. But over time, I’ve learned how to identify and fix these weaknesses.

Using Too Many Words

One common mistake is using too many words. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that more words equals more value. But in reality, it’s the quality of your words that matters, not the quantity.

Making Big Claims Without Providing Helpful Advice

Another common mistake is making big claims without providing helpful advice. It’s important to back up your claims with solid advice that your readers can actually use.

Using Trite Language and Clichés

Finally, using trite language and clichés can make your writing feel stale and unoriginal. Instead, try to use fresh and unique language that reflects your own voice.


By identifying and fixing these common weaknesses, you can improve your writing and become a more successful freelancer. So why not join our community and start improving your writing today?

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