The Riveter continues to blaze a trail for women in the workplace by acquiring Allobee, an innovative marketplace platform designed with freelancing mothers in mind. With Brooke Markevicius now helming product development as Chief Product Officer and Amy Sterner Nelson having founded The Riveter back in 2017 – these powerhouses are making moves that will revolutionize the way today’s working woman performs! This ain’t your mama’s gig economy; this is tomorrow’s start-up market – empowering part-timers, consultants & executives across all industries at every level!

Unlike other companies, the folks at Riveter Work are shaking up how we hire talent

They’ve developed a cutting-edge matching algorithm that makes expert freelancers available to businesses quickly and easily. Plus they have time tracking tools along with reporting features so you can keep projects on track while also getting insights into your business operations – it’s like having an agency without high overhead costs! All this innovation inspired Markevicius when she was part of The Riveter back in Seattle and even after moving her own company elsewhere, staying connected with Nelson has kept their ideas alive.

Despite the pandemic’s siege on co-working spaces, one determined leader managed to keep her own space alive. Markevicius was clearly impressed and it’s no wonder — nationwide nearly 800 such companies gave in, but this courageous entrepreneur soldiered on!

After being forced to close its physical locations, The Riveter experienced a dramatic pivot into the digital world.

However, they didn’t stop there! To enable their members access to resources in spite of the pandemic-driven lockdowns, they launched an innovative initiative – ‘Riveter Spaces’. This program sought out high-end hotels with underutilized spaces and arranged for exclusive access by delivering much needed convenience even when all seemed lost. Seattle’s Hotel 1000 is proud to be one such preferred partner aligned with this noble mission statement. Joining forces again after pursuing individual projects was Co-CEOs Heather Carter who had left initially; but returned following her launch of Coterie Works – now becoming part of The Riveter thanks to acquisition as cornerstone towards achieving these objectives.

From Madrona Venture Group to Alpha Edison, The Riveter just raised a staggering $20 million!

With 10 dedicated employees and an even larger pool of freelancers on board, CEO Markevicius is offering members exclusive access to their private digital community – from office hours with experts teaching about topics like fundraising and pricing strategies, to microcourses in everything from podcasting techniques. Talk about for the future of work: Nelson & Co are flexibly pioneering it by using that amazing team they’ve built up…and down.

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