Love the idea of making $100K without leaving your home? Check out these five lucrative side hustles that are in-demand – and ready for you to make cash!

Making more money from your cozy home setup? With the right skills and access to Wi-Fi, it’s possible for anyone with hustle and grit to become a six-figure earner. Who knew remote work could open up so many lucrative possibilities?!

Over the past year, Americans have been tapping into their inner entrepreneurs and taking on side hustles. In fact, over 44% of US adults are currently dabbling in a second gig – that’s more than double from what it was pre-pandemic! But gone are the days when everyone is driving for Uber or delivering food. With this rise of “professional services” such as programming and IT consulting gaining traction among digital nomads across the country – things could be looking up towards an opportunity filled future.

Want to make extra cash on the side? is here to help with their newest list of 5 in-demand remote gigs that are perfect for a part-time hustle. With over 300,000 postings between October and December 2021 as the basis of this data sample, you can rest assured these jobs have plenty of active listings with promising earnings potential!

Here are five of the highest-paid, most in-demand side hustles that can be done from home, according to

In the face of aggressive job cuts, tech freelancing has seemingly gone against the grain and seen explosive growth over the past year. COVID-19 may have caused widespread disruption but it also sparked a reliance on contractors to assist with moving businesses online — as well as keeping up with emerging technologies like crypto and AI. So if you’re currently navigating an uncertain labor market, why not freelance your way into tomorrow?

Times are tough for techies, with many facing layoffs as companies downsize. But these same businesses may hold the key to opportunity: in a bid to cut costs and remain competitive, more firms than ever before are turning towards freelancers who offer specialized niche skills such as Android app development or coding languages like Python and Ruby. So if you’ve been itching for an outlet that allows your inner coder to shine through… now is absolutely the time! Get clued-up using online courses and bootcamps – maybe even pick up some podcast pointers while you’re at it – then see where all those new found expertise leads.

Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit with a side hustle that works for you! Whether it’s tech-savvy website development, or tutoring opportunities as valuable and well paid as $100/hour – take advantage of the growing demand on Upwork,, Fiverr and TaskRabbit to create successful digital portfolios of work samples worth showing off!

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