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Looking to level up your skills and make more than $100 an hour?

Then look no further – these 8 creative abilities are sure to give your career the kick it needs!

Freelancing isn’t going anywhere – in fact, it’s expected that 73% of U.S workers will be moonlighting as ‘side hustlers’ by 2023! There are numerous skills freelancers can hone their craft with; from tech and marketing to 3D animation which experienced a boom year-over-year according to Upwork. So whether you’re an aspiring creative or have your eyes on the prize for some major tech advancements, there are plenty of paths to success out there waiting for those who want them!

There’s no stopping the unstoppable – 2023 is on its way, and with it comes a whole new set of freelance skills that you can add to your resume! From 3D animation expertise to content strategy savvy, there are plenty of opportunities available even without holding a bachelor’s degree. So don’t wait another minute – get out there and show off what you’ve got now!

Graphic design

Graphic designers are in high demand, and not just for leaflet design. From websites to social media posts, there’s a seemingly endless list of creative tasks they can tackle – all with sky-high paychecks! Yolanda Owens from The Muse states that this presents an incredible opportunity “for talent to shine,” as experienced professionals often command rates up to $125 per hour on Upwork.

Video editing

Video is quickly becoming a key tool for communication – with companies leveraging it to showcase their unique stories and objectives. If you find yourself wanting an expert hand in creating a cinematic masterpiece, hiring one of the many video editors out there might be your best bet; not only do they specialize in crafting standout visuals but these professionals also command premium rates up to $100/hr!


Illustrators conjure up beautiful artwork for books, websites and advertisements. Using everything from graphic design software to brushes & canvas on their artistic palette, they create masterpieces that cost as much as $75 an hour – a small price to pay for such out-of-this world creations!

3D animation

These are the magicians behind your favorite movies and TV shows! Through creative storyboarding, they come up with amazing 3D art that leaps off the screen for bigger than life entertainment. Their impressive technical prowess is definitely worth every penny of their $110/hr rate on Upwork.

Presentation design

Presentations aren’t just about slides; they’re stories. With the help of skilled designers, compelling narratives come alive with visuals: pitch decks and sales presentations bring ideas to life in a way that engages audiences and persuades them into action. It’s no wonder these professionals command top dollar—upwards of $125 an hour!

Image editing

Professional image editors can create something special with their magic touch. From transforming corporate headshots to making ordinary photos into works of art, their skills are worth every penny – up to an impressive $180 per hour on Upwork!

Cartoons and comics

From hand-crafted art to digital wizardry, cartooning is a high value skill that many companies would love tap in on. Animated masterpieces from names like Adobe Animate and Animaker can bring any marketing material, website profile or internal document alive with wit – not mention top dollar fees of up to $70 per hour! When it comes down the company culture though…as Lilani says “It depends”.

Product and industrial design

The experts in this craft of innovation are the masterminds behind products we use every day- from software and apps to furniture, electronics – you name it! Not only do they have an eye for aesthetics but also a knack at crafting experiences that keep users coming back. Whether it’s $175 per hour on Upwork or salary positions with competitive benefits packages , these creative problem solvers put their ideas into motion more often than not.

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