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The term ‘freelance’ has gone from a phrase used to describe mercenaries of medieval ages, who fought for whoever paid the most – to today’s professionals; the modern day equivalent with their own lances – virtual and figurative. In 2023 it’s predicted 73% of US workers will follow suit and join this freelance revolution wherein 31% make more than $75K annually! A trend mirrored by even giants like Google, as companies prepare for uncertain times ahead seeking cost cutting strategies that allow them flexibility in staffing solutions. Freelancing is alive and well it seems, aiming true at financial freedom since 1188 AD…at least.

Starting a freelance career? Step one – know your niche! Then, shout it from the rooftops and don’t forget to ask for positive reviews. Who knows – with the right attitude you could be running a wildly successful business in no time.

Find your niche

Put your passions up front and center! When it comes to freelancing, what matters are the skills that make you stand out from the rest. Take stock of yours – 10-15 should do just fine covering both soft (communication, problem solving) as well as hard ones (website design or programming). Don’t forget about Social Media Marketing either; its popularity makes it a hot commodity for many clients looking for freelance services. With this list in hand you can show off how much value will be added when hiring you – leaving fiction writing passion projects till later on down the line!

Market your niche – a lot.

Shine a spotlight on your freelance gig! Connect with colleagues, get up close and personal to find out if they need help at work. And don’t forget networking sites like LinkedIn – why not drop the hiring manager a line offering yourself as an ideal solution for their project? Finally, let’s go social: create that website or IG page to showcase those skills of yours (and all those amazing customer reviews).

Ask for reviews

Want to give your freelancing career a turbo boost? Use the power of reviews! Not only will they build trust with potential clients, but also let existing ones know you care. Think about it – when was the last time someone asked for your opinion on something or made sure to check-in and see how things are going? Sending out follow-up surveys is an easy way to show people their opinions matter; plus, it can help uncover concrete suggestions for further growth.

So why not make some room in that client base with just one simple question: How do I wow you today?

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