I run 25 blogs that bring in $130,000 a month in revenue.

Based on a conversation with Anne Moss, a 50-year-old cofounder of 25 websites based in Chicago.

In 2000, I began a venture into the blogging world and created The Cat Site – an online platform dedicated to sharing my love of cats in Hebrew. Realizing that there was potential for further growth, I decided to create another blog in English with broader reach two years later.

I left active duty military service shortly before creating these blogs which provided financial stability as well allowing me the opportunity be at home full time with our family’s two sons while homeschooling them during this same period; all at no cost.
In 15+ years since starting between revenue from ads monetized throughout each site via my own research & expertise on ad placement/functionality – income ranged around $3k/monthly!

My business was very experimental from the start

With a visionary eye towards the future, I registered multiple domains across an extensive array of niches in the early 2000s. Instead of resigning myself to paying top dollar for desirable domain names – which had become commonplace by that point – I opted for four-letter designs due to their still being plentiful and affordable back then. Such foresight has enabled me numerous possibilities when it comes to launching new projects or brands ever since!

Advertising has changed drastically since I began my career in 2016. Once, $2-$3 per every thousand ad impressions was the norm; however, with Google Ads’ introduction of bidding on available spaces – CPM rates skyrocketed to as high as $40! This tenfold increase enabled me to maximize revenue opportunities by capitalizing off this new landscape.

I knew it was time to invest more in the business

With the launch of our business in 2018, my husband and I took a big risk by investing $10,000 to hire freelance writers with OnlineJobs.ph – despite knowing it could take up to 18 months before we saw significant return from this investment. Thankfully his faith wasn’t misplaced; after nine months our efforts started paying off! We’ve since made ProBlogger job board part of our hiring strategy and are now well on track towards success thanks to the initial leap of courage that got us here.

With an MBA under his belt, my husband was able to provide us with a comprehensive business plan for our next endeavor. We made sure every outcome – from varying costs and revenue streams – stacked up in terms of profitability. It had no room for error; after all we were both into our fifties so there wouldn’t be another chance if things went south!

When the pandemic followed, it threw us off balance as companies pulled advertising leaving me adrift financially. Yet miraculously this caused internet traffic to skyrocket which completely changed the game: The numbers laid out before us gave enough confidence that taking such a significant step as relocating overseas suddenly seemed possible!

Some of the best-performing niches, based on my analytics, are home decor, DIY, and gardening

It’s a long-term game to have success with any niche – be it pets, home decorating or something else. I take the strategy of creating quality content rather than relying on technical SEO strategies such as link building and when hiring writers, I make sure they focus not just on search engine algorithms but also what readers actually want from their experience. By putting themselves in my audience’s shoes and utilizing both information & entertainment we create engaging digital experiences for visitors that keep them coming back time after time!

Enforcing high standards of writing is critical for any organization, and having clear guidelines in place can help ensure these expectations are met. Regular review of the rules alongside updated materials will make sure all staff has access to informative content that keeps up with industry trends. Video training tools additionally offer efficient methods for delivering instruction across teams; coupled with continuous feedback from leadership, this ensures a sustainable atmosphere conducive to continual improvement as well!

The key to success is in people and process management

As the CEO of a fast-growing organization, I’m fortunate to have an amazing COO at my side who excels in people management. While most of my focus is on content creation and driving traffic growth, the COO takes charge of infrastructure development—including information systems, IT support services risk management and corporate governance. We are constantly endeavoring for excellence with clear communication regarding our expectations and regular check-ins aligned toward shared objectives. No matter how demanding it can be sometimes – like having to work even weekends – we’re driven by our passion for making great things happen!

At our company, we prioritize transparency and open communication in order to cultivate an empowering environment that allows team members to take ownership of their work. Simultaneously, I am experimenting with a variety of business-building strategies; cultivating mailing lists which nurture meaningful relationships between us and our customers via high quality content sign-up forms. This proactive approach ensures consistent growth as Google’s priority shifts over time – allowing for the best possible outcomes across all fronts!

When it comes to blogging success, content is king! Rather than fretting about getting the “perfect” domain name for your blog, focus instead on creating compelling and engaging material that will attract viewers. There are still plenty of great domains out there – you just have to know where look!



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