Looking to pad your bank account or get rid of some holiday debt? Get involved in the hottest hustles the world has to offer! Recent studies have shown that companies are dying for freelancers with skills like technology, content writing, graphic design, animation and illustration. Time to make a pretty penny – without ever having worked an office job!


Content writing and business writing have become popular remote jobs, with companies like Remote.com touting the many online platforms that offer positions to writers – unfortunately though, these sites tend to be ‘content mills’ offering pennies per word for 500-word articles. Forget about minimum wage; even hefty sums of $50 or less are out there!

If you’re looking for an amazing opportunity to flex your writing muscles and make some money, then the world is practically begging – there are plenty of options. Creatively and Cracked will scratch that creative itch if comedy’s more your thing; ServiceScape provides something academic-oriented while Reedsy offer book authors a place to shine! But whatever kind of writer you consider yourself, ProBlogger has got it all covered on their handy job board.

Graphic design

Graphic designers looking for work no longer need to look in the classifieds. In today’s digital age, there are plenty of sites that connect talented creatives with all sorts of gigs – from book covers and logos to smart phone apps and more! Skyword, Reedsy, FreeUp or ServiceScape promises regular design projects while Awesomic guarantees you’ll be kept busy around-the-clock. And if these aren’t quite what you’re after try FairyGodBoss or FlexProfessionals – two great places where even a little experience goes along way.

Technology services

Calling all tech wizards! If you have the skills to design websites, develop apps or even solve those pesky technical issues, then it’s time for your bank balance to start smiling. With so many sites offering work opportunities from long-term contracts and staff positions to short gigs – there is a site tailored (almost) perfectly for everyone. Toptal, Braintrust and FreeUp offer project work; while Catalant & Gerson Lehrman Group offer high paying consulting projects… in other words: take your pick of ways technology can make you big bucks!

Ready to get paid for being tech savvy? PlayTestCloud and UserTesting are perfect projects if you’re short on time. With both sites, your opinion counts – they’ll pay around $30 an hour just so that you can review websites and provide feedback about their user experience! Now that’s a sweet deal!

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