Funngro, the teen freelancing startup, just secured a sweet investment from Shark Tank India’s Amit Jain and Namita Thapar.

Funngro, a Mumbai-based platform that is providing budding entrepreneurs of all ages with the opportunity to make some spending money, recently hit an exciting milestone. They elicited Rs 50 lakh ($480,000) from investors after wowing them during the Shark Tank India reality show – garnering over four percent in equity along with it! With Amit Jain (co-founder of CarDekho group) and Namita Thapar (of Emcure Pharmaceuticals) both contributing Rs 25 lakh each, this pre-seed round was definitely worth celebrating.

Aimed at boosting economic empowerment among teenagers while also helping them start building their career paths early on by introducing paid real life freelance projects –Funngro is setting many teens up for success as they get equipped with key skills and knowledge.. This story just goes to prove that you’re never too young or inexperienced when starting your own business journey!!

Namita Thapar and Amit Jain are both passionate about investing in Funngro, a platform that provides teens with an opportunity to learn as they earn. They go beyond the bottom line, expressing commitment to empowering and supporting young people; cultivating their talents so they can find joy while contributing positively towards India’s future. No doubt twenty crore youth will benefit from this incredible mission!

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