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Free the nipple! Meta is rethinking its nipple censorship.

Meta’s Oversight Board has declared a revolution on the so-called “Adult Nudity” front, unveiling an all new policy which is nothing short of revolutionary. The board took issue with the outdated binary gender view that had been in place and set out to create something significantly more inclusive – truly nudging their nude policies into modern times.

The Meta-funded board of experts, composed of journalists, academics and lawyers who operate independently from the tech giant’s influence has urged it to adopt new standards which will pay due respect to international human rights regulations. It’s time for an upgrade — let us hope this policy revision meets their approval!

After some deliberation, the board delivered their verdict – overturning Meta’s controversial decision to ban two posts of a daring couple from Instagram. The courageous duo boldly stepped out in front of social media with images showing them “bare-chested but covered up properly.” On top of that, they raised awareness for transgender healthcare and had an admirable mission to fund their own ‘top surgery’. It looks like love has won!

After being flagged by users and AI commissars, a couple’s posts were removed for violating the platform’s Sexual Solicitation Community Standard – with breasts as evidence of guilt. Undeterred, they took their case far up the ranks to Meta and eventually appealing to an even higher power: The Oversight Board!

AI moderation has been a boon to the online community, but it can only go so far. Meta’s own human moderators have found that its policy for removing posts about sexual solicitation is too vague and impractical for effective moderating at scale – leading not just to frustration among users and moderators alike, but even incorrect post removals in some cases. Clearly this won’t do!

In an eye-opening move, the board recently revealed that Meta’s policy on female nipples is a tangled web of complicated rules. Its rigidly binary stance has been called out for its inherently sexualized nature; women can’t bare their breasts outside such scenarios as breastfeeding or childbirth. Talk about restrictive!

Despite the policy exceptions for protests and medical contexts, it appears that transgender and non-binary individuals’ related posts fell under heavy scrutiny from both users as well as automated moderation. Despite meeting all criteria free of nipples to be within policy guidelines, human review decided otherwise in this case – leaving us to question if discrimination lies beyond technicalities here.

With gaping holes in the Meta’s community guidelines, people with malicious intentions may seek to exploit vulnerable users. The impact of this could be particularly damaging for marginalized communities – a risk we must work together to combat.

In what could be a groundbreaking decision, the board has recommended Meta take steps to eliminate discrimination from its community guidelines. While the company remains silent on how they intend to implement such changes – we’ll just have to wait and see if #freethenipple will become commonplace across social media!

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