Earn $500,000 on Upwork in one year as a freelance SEO consultant.

In 2008, I ventured into the world of freelance online-marketing consulting as a side gig and created my Upwork account. However, following an unfortunate medical diagnosis in 2016 which caused me to suffer from various health complications including the rare kidney disease; going all in on Upwork was my only option for making job flexibility work around doctor’s appointments and even from bed when needed. My expertise spans across different aspects of internet marketing such as pay-per click landing pages, SEO optimization along with crafty use of online ads & conversions rate optimizations – giving clients that extra edge they need!

In 2016, I rapidly expanded my project onboarding capabilities by submitting more proposals on Upwork and effectively communicating to clients that I was available.

Additionally, the number of sales calls skyrocketed from one or two per week to between eight and ten. To bolster my credentials in digital marketing platforms as well as demonstrate proficiency with industry updates, certifications were added – all at no cost! My expertise ranges widely across multiple industries but B2B is where much of my focus lies; this has enabled me to develop into a comprehensive ‘full-stack marketer’.

For several years, I have been consulting a handful of clients on Upwork. During that time, my health was facing some challenges; however, thanks to the flexible working hours and understanding nature of my customers during this period, it allowed me to maintain an optimal balance between recovering from illness while still delivering quality work. This enabled me to make $100K in 2016 on average!

A pristine reputation and successful track record on Upwork are essential for any freelancer.

I have cultivated a remarkable career as an independent contractor through my attention to detail, providing excellent services to loyal clients which has resulted in me completing over 491 jobs with 250 five-star reviews – all within the last year alone! My effortless management of ongoing projects enabled me to rake in nearly half a million dollars worth of income.

To ensure excellent client experience, I am committed to only submitting tailored proposals for jobs that match my qualifications and abilities.

This strategic approach is tied in with a weekly proposal submission regimen which helps me keep an abundant sales pipeline at all times. From the hundreds of job offers received, roughly 20-30 are read by employers followed by about 4-5 interviews; ultimately leading to closure on several potential opportunities each month – ranging from 3 – 5 larger clients or 10 – 15 smaller companies per cycle.

As opposed to engaging in short-term projects with potentially smaller clients.

I find it more advantageous to invest my time and energy into sustaining long-term relationships. This way, I am able to spend less of my efforts on the daunting task of searching for new partners while gaining a dependable source of income from returning customers.

I strive to provide an exemplary experience for all of my clients, no matter the task.

As such, regular check-ins are integral – usually twice or thrice each week with fifteen minutes to half an hour devoted per contact – so as to stay abreast of any situations that may arise and be prepared in terms of consultation should a request come up. My current rate is $200/hr yet there remains the odd client who underestimates its worth; however this imbalance is occasionally self-corrected by those who realise how valuable these hours can be! Recently one individual was coming off second best with their Amazon sales pitch until we collaborated over six hours across two days on setting up Google & Bing ads – they essentially profited from what had been destined otherwise as certain destruction, which felt gratifying indeed.

I understand that true success comes from forging strong client relationships and treating customers as family.

To ensure my clients’ triumphs, I take a hands-on approach – become their partner on the journey to greatness! My dedication is unwavering; awake at 5 in the morning, working hard until 11 PM each day from Sunday afternoon all through Friday afternoon with brief pauses for breaks along the way. It’s only during Fridays evenings and Saturdays that time away is taken for strictly quality family time.

As a freelancer, an attitude of collaboration instead of mere completion will help achieve the best possible outcomes.

I have embraced this approach and it has proven beneficial with generous monetary returns. Additionally, since my ambition is to find a cure for kidney disease, most of these proceeds are poured into Moon Shot Cures; which is an NGO that hires its personnel from Upwork itself! It shows how humble beginnings can lead to immense success when leveraged correctly.



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