Brigad has just raised a whopping $30 million to make it easier for hospitality and care workers to find freelancing opportunities.

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Brigad, the French startup that connects restaurants and other businesses with freelancers for short-term projects has drummed up a fresh €28 million in funding plus an extra $5 mil. of debt – thanks to tireless investment from Balderton Capital, Wendel Group Serena Capitol & Square Cap! Originally hinging on hospo industry shortages back home; they’ve now expanded into staffing care workers too. Bravo Brigad – may you continue your rise as freelance superstars!

Unsatisfied with the existing freelancer marketplaces and temp staffing agencies, Brigad has set itself apart by providing a service tailored for those seeking to gain skills from jobs that can’t be done at a desk. With healthcare institutions as key partners in their work force, 25% of all missions on Brigad come directly from them – an impressive figure! So if you’re looking for something other than business consulting or career development opportunities but have no idea where to start…look outside of your cubicle; it’s time to turn heads with someone who knows what they’re doing – enter: Brigad.

The healthcare and hospitality businesses have grappled with a lack of talent for ages. Low pay, long hours— all the “fun stuff”— means many turn to freelancing as an outlet, but they don’t work alone! Brigad competes against Mediflash in France’s rapidly growing freelance health landscape; although rivals on paper, both agree that there is plenty of room (and need) for them both. By working together rather than at odds – win-win indeed!

The hospital industry is stuck in an endlessly churning cycle, with overworked employees leaving due to burnout and creating more misery for those still employed. Fortunately, Brigad has designed a solution to this problem – one that’s growing rapidly itself! Just two years ago the company expanded by 2.5x across both sectors; already 10K organizations have benefited from their services – offering roughly 24 people each mission per week- which could provide much needed relief for many of us living on a tight deadline!

Have a talent for completing tasks? Brigad is looking to connect you with the perfect customer! With an impressive 200,000 mission fulfilled in 2022, this startup has become a major player when it comes to helping freelancers find short-term gigs. This round of funding will help them expand their reach even farther by doubling down on two industries and breaking into new markets — but first they have ambitious plans at home: hiring 100 people in order to scale up their current marketplace operations. Now’s your chance be part of something big — don’t miss out!

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