A freelance writer was absolutely amazed when ChatGPT whipped up an incredible $600 article in a mere 30 seconds.

After being impressed by Open AI’s ChatGPT, Henry Williams got a shock when the bot wrote an article fit for marketing in just half a minute. After making some minor adjustments, he was amazed at how close it was to something he’d have charged £500 ($615) for! A writer can get paid faster than ever… but is that always such a good thing?

Williams marvelled at the article crafted by a bot- its structure was basic, but it hit all the right marks in terms of grammar and syntax. His only fear? AI taking over his job!

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm, shooting to one million users in lightning quick time. The large-language model has been highly praised for its natural conversational style – it’s handy with code and even wrote an essay that was good enough to pass a Wharton business school exam! Executives are taking note of this innovative technology; could ChatGPT be shaping our future?

In the age of AI, writers and editors may soon be rendered obsolete with a machine capable of churning out tons of copy. But don’t get too comfortable yet — ChatGPT has revealed an alarming knack for pushing false facts to millions online! Writer-bots: coming soon to your social media feed near you…

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